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Runners race in Sheffield half marathon despite cancellation

ESPN staff
April 6, 2014

Runners in the Sheffield half marathon completed the course despite the race being cancelled following a shortage of water.

Organisers said the race had to be called off due to a "problem with the delivery of water", saying: "It is with huge disappointment and regret that we have been forced to cancel this year's race."

Despite the non-arrival of water, all 5,000 runners set off from the starting point, with the majority completing the course and some later on stopping when they discovered the race had been called off.

Margaret Lilley, chair of the race organisers, explained the issue with the water suppliers they encountered.

"The company we had asked to supply bowsers for the route did not arrive this morning," she said.

"We have scoured supermarkets around the city, but unfortunately we have not been able to secure enough water for the medical-and-safety officers of the race to say it is safe to go ahead. We therefore took the very reluctant decision to cancel the race."

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