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Hamilton admits to fortune after spin

ESPN Staff
March 16, 2013 « Storms cause Qualifying to be postponed | FIA made the right call to postpone - Button »
Lewis Hamilton was fortunate not to sustain more damage when hitting the wall © Sutton Images

Lewis Hamilton admitted he was fortunate to survive a spin during Q1 before qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix was postponed.

Q2 and Q3 will take place on Sunday morning after heavy rain forced the stewards to postpone the session. However, Hamilton almost didn't make it through after spinning early in the first session and hitting the wall at turn two but not sustaining damage. It took Hamilton a long time to be able to get the car moving again but after admitting his fortune he said the incident wouldn't affect him.

"It was pretty straightforward really, I just lost the back end and was in the wall," Hamilton said. "Fortunately I got going again - I was beached actually, I was stuck and luckily I put it in reverse and reversed half way up the bloody track! I can dust those kind of things off and keep looking forward to tomorrow."

With qualifying and the race taking place on the same day, Hamilton said he actually thinks it will help him be as sharp as possible for the race in the afternoon.

"I don't think it compromises the race, if anything it's better because you get a bit of a warm-up. Your body should be more energised and ready for the race so it should be interesting but I really hope it's a dry day because today has been incredibly difficult for everyone.

"It's incredibly tricky, probably one of the slipperiest circuits that I've raced on in the rain, simply because there's a lot of white lines everywhere that are painted black. So as soon as you hit those the car slides and aquaplanes and oversteers so that's why you saw so many people going off."