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Cipriani 's**tting himself' jibe angers Brook
ESPN Staff
June 27, 2013
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The (unfortunately) unmissable Katie Price has warned ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani that he has reason to be "s**tting himself" about her upcoming autobiography.

Price claimed that she has "proof" of the claims she makes about her ex-partners in the book, with Alex Reid said to be her "main" target. "They can get their agents on the phone but when you've got photographs and cameras to prove things, then what can they say? And texts and emails."

Price briefly dated Cipriani after he split with Kelly Brook in 2010 and Brook and Cipriani got back together earlier this year.

Of late, Brook and the never-media-shy Price have been engaged in a mildly tedious Twitter battle which both parties seem quite happy to have played out in public.

"I saw the texts you send him threatening me," Brook tweeted. "I've seen the messages. Will happily call you. DM me." She then posted: "You're doing a kiss & tell on Danny? Haha that's hilarious. You dated for 5 mins and was one of many at that time. Desperate."

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