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Post-match honesty - 'It was a bag of shit of a game'
ESPN Staff
October 28, 2013
Leinster flanker Shane Jennings looks for support, Leinster v Northampton Saints, Heineken Cup Final, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales, May 21, 2011
'If you are not ready to put into action what you say all week it is going to be a shit fight' © Getty Images

We are used to players making banal utterances in immediate post-match interviews, so Shane Jennings' chat after a poor Leinster-Connacht game was refreshingly blunt.

After quick word about how an injury was holding up, question two saw him warm up.

"As expected, there is not much questions because it was a bag of shit of a game," he said. "There is not much to talk about. It was great to get the win. I don't think both teams would be happy with the performance. It wasn't an enjoyable to play in but we grinded it out and got the win.

"We dug in. The lads who came on off the bench made an impact, whether it was in the front row or Rhys [Ruddock] coming on or Maccer [Mike McCarthy] coming on. We wanted a win and thankfully we got it."

The interviewer then lobbed a fairly banal "what could you have done better" and he got an honest answer.

"We could have done a lot of things better. We could have adapted to the ref better. Could have sorted out the breakdown a bit better. We could have had more composure on the ball. We could of had got a lot more composure in our lineout. There were a lot of things we could have done better. I think we are going to have a long list on Monday for things we need to improve on. So it was pretty grim."

"It shows if you don't come to play, if you are not ready to put into action what you say all week it is going to be a shit fight - excuse my language, I keep cursing but it is going to be a mess. Players have to take responsibility, the 23 guys involved. I'd say it was pretty grim to watch because it wasn't enjoyable to play."

The interview concluded with a question whether he was always so unhappy after matches. "I'm always this angry after a game if the truth be told. Probably not this angry for a while … ever this angry after a win? At times yeah. I'd say you'll have good craic writing about that game."

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