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'Send mooning rugby children to prison for a year'
ESPN Staff
November 21, 2013

Lord James of Blackheath's wife has called for action against people "mooning" out of bus windows after she was shocked by the behaviour of a group of children who exposed their backsides to her while on their way to Twickenham to watch England.

The Western Daily Mail reports Lord James' wife was "shocked" to see 40 backsides pressed against a bus window, an incident which happened after he informed her that rugby was "a respectable pastime and not the equivalent of being found in bed with a supermodel on a Saturday afternoon".

After "endless attempts" to persuade his wife to join him at Twickenham, she ended up going to all three autumn internationals, though was shocked by the behaviour of the children.

"She was totally horrified by the sight of the school buses coming down the road to Twickenham filled full of children who were indulging in a pastime I believe is called mooning," he said. "I am not going to explain it to your lordships as we are in mixed company. The sight of some 40 school children mooning simultaneously is not a pretty sight. She was horrified.

"My wife is a youth justice officer and she watched as the police motorbikes went zooming past these kids giving them a friendly wave as they went and she said: 'We have a law against this sort of thing. Why aren't they being brought into court - I would put them away for a year if I got them'."

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