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Forward mocked for diving after 'punch'
ESPN Staff
April 25, 2014

Rugby players and supporters are often heard bemoaning the amateur theatrics of footballers who too often throw themselves to the ground as if shot by a sniper at the slightest touch. It was inevitable at some point a rugby player would do the same, and so it was in a Sevens game in Samoa.

After a brief altercation, Simaika Mikaele, a hefty forward, threw himself to the ground clutching his face - albeit in instalments - after the mildest of jabs to his chest. But instead of cards and arguments, team-mates, opponents and the crowd just laughed while the referee tapped the prostrate Mikaele on the shoulder and told him to get on with it.

Mikaele sheepishly got up with a wry grin and the game proceeded.

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