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Moffett rages against the dying of the light
ESPN Staff
June 18, 2014

You might be forgiven for thinking that following a resounding defeat at the EGM aimed at overturning the board of the WRU, David Moffett might have opted for a low profile. But after initially seeming to take the rout gracefully, he was soon back to his combative best on Twitter.

Moffett has urged his 4,400 followers to spam the BBC and Western Mail to "send their Twitter accounts into meltdown" as well as firing back at some critics with obscene posts.

He has also becoming embroiled in a spat with targeted shadow Welsh cecretary Owen Smith who, so Moffett claims, he "met for one hour at the beginning, desperate for me to keep quiet about it, which I did. Owen Smith said there was nothing in it for him to support me he was concerned about his electorate if they found out."

Smith replied: "Behave, David. I told you that I thought you had little chance of success in light of your past WRU intransigence and clubs' unwillingness to rock the boat. Your manifesto was positive but your record stymied it from the start."

Moffet hit back: "You said that and everything else I quoted including your view that Valleys rugby was doomed. You are the last person who should lecture others given abject failure of your manifesto for another super club."

Moffett has said he is now planning to head back to New Zealand "to lick my wounds and write my book". If the support he attracted on Sunday is anything to go by, his publishers would be well advised not to plan for a second print run.

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