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Too much information, Mike Tyson

ESPN staff
November 10, 2013
Mike Tyson gives us a nice mental image this week © AP

In the latest edition of our favourite quotes from the sporting week, Mike Tyson gives us way too much information, David Moyes is in denial over Mesut Ozil and Agent Gerrard resumes Operation Keep Suarez at Liverpool.

"I AM FINE #relax"

Kevin Pietersen allays fears overs his chronic knee problems ahead of the Ashes

"I did play well in Australia. I don't know where you were. Were you under a rock?"

Roger Federer even had time to make people laugh when answering whether we've seen the best of him in 2013

"I couldn't break my racquets today"

This isn't good news for the manufacturers given what Juan Martin del Potro wanted to do in his loss to Roger Federer

"We had Shinji Kagawa and Wayne Rooney and people of a similar ilk so it wasn't quite what we required at that time"

Manchester United manager David Moyes tries to convince himself that not making a move for Mesut Ozil was the right choice

"I was having so much sex that I was too tired to even go to the gym and work out - I'd just stay in my cell all day"

Thanks, Mike Tyson, for that mental image

"To win the Order of Merit is everything to a player, it's the league championship. The majors I feel are the FA Cup. If you asked anybody what they would prefer to win, they would say the league"

Remind us, Colin Montgomerie, did you have more success in the Order of Merit or at major championships...?

"The only player who comes close to producing what Luis produced in a red shirt is Fernando Torres... but Luis just pipped him for me"

Agent Steven Gerrard resumes Operation Keep Suarez at Liverpool

"I like the sunshine"

The reason why Rafael Nadal prefers playing outdoors rather than indoors. (He was joking of course)

"Tonight is bomb-fire night remember to wrap up warm & take extra care when upswing fireworks. Remember they r not toys! Be SAFE!"

Well put, Tyson Fury

"To be frank, at that stage of my career, I was feeling like I was a loser: nothing more, nothing less"

Andy Murray has admitted that linking up with Ivan Lendl in January 2012 transformed him from nearly-man to grand slam winner

"After the Aston Villa game, if I had told you this would happen I would have to run away because you would have killed me"

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is not as surprised as everyone about his side's recovery from opening day defeat to Aston Villa

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