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Gamblers cash in on Suarez bite

Darren Rovell |
June 25, 2014
Luis Suarez writhes in agony after appearing to bite Giorgio Chiellini © Getty Images

When Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez apparently bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, a man living more than 5,300 miles was awoken from a deep sleep.

The man's name is Thomas Syverson, a Norwegian living in Trondheim, the country's third largest city. Syverson saw that Betsson, an online gambling site based in Malta, was offering 175-1 odds that Suarez would bite someone during the World Cup and, on a hunch, placed 32 Norwegian Krone - a little over £3 - on the first day of action in Brazil.

"It was only 32 Krone so was just for fun," Syverson told ESPN.

When Suarez took the apparent bite in the 79th minute, Syverson said he was awoken by a friend who texted him what had just happened.

Sure enough, Syverson checked and 5,600 Krone - £540 - had been deposited into his account for winning the bet.

Andreas Bardun, sportsbook manager for gambling site Betsson, where Syverson placed his bet, said 167 gamblers placed bets on the prop.

The biggest winner was £2,000, he said, but he cited company policy not to disclose any of the names of its bettors.

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