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Suarez backed - no offence is too awful for football

ESPN staff
June 27, 2014
Gordon Strachan's public persona and is said to be very different from his real personality © AP

Gordon Strachan may not be everyone's favourite TV pundit or manager. Let's face it, he has appeared for interview far too many times and been well, let's say, a little bit difficult.

Friends of the Scotland manager tell Mishits he is actually a very quick-witted, intelligent and thoughtful guy and his reaction to the Luis Suarez biting saga suggests they are right. As evidence, read the take he gave while working for ITV. For many, it will hit the nail right on the head.

"We give Uruguay stick about defending [Suárez], but every manager defends his player," Strachan said. "People talk about morals - we don't have any morals in football. Let's get that right.

"Over the years I have played there has been wife-batterers, drink-driving incidents, infidelity, Eric Cantona jumping into the crowd and kung-fu-ing someone in the chest. The clubs stand by them.

"The supporters themselves, when these guys come back, they stand up and applaud them on the pitch. So don't anybody start talking about morals - we don't have any in football. If these things had been done by youth team players - who don't have any importance to the first team - they get sacked.

"But because they can bring in merchandise and bring in money, then they will back them to the hilt."

Fans find the Luis Suarez biting incident funny © Getty Images
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