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Embarrassment for trouser-tearing Wood

ESPN staff
August 8, 2014
Chris Wood had quite an eventful day © AP

Chris Wood may have had five birdies and no bogeys during his first round of the US PGA Championship but that doesn't mean he escaped embarrassment at Valhalla.

His five-under 66 in the first round saw him one shot off the lead in the final major of the year, but the incident on the par-three 11th green, which was his second hole of the day, kept the crowd entertained.

He ripped his trousers when he bent down to line up a putt. "The most embarrassed I have ever been on the golf course," Wood said.

"It wasn't just a little rip, it was 10 inches. Everybody was laughing at me. So, we just laughed it off, that was about all I could do."

The situation didn't improve for Wood as the rip got even bigger on the 12th with his underpants on full view.

"I have some nice ones on today," Wood joked afterwards about what the crowd witnessed in the tee box. "[The pants] tore in the place you just don't want them too. It was quite a big hole and it was quite embarrassing."

At least his round wasn't pants and he should have felt a whole lot better when looking at the leaderboard.

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