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BBC apologises as Murray swears in Australian Open final

ESPN staff
February 1, 2015
Andy Murray's industrial language was picked up by on-court microphones © Getty Images

It may have been the Melbourne heat or the tension of playing in the latter stages of a Grand Slam but industrial language became the order of the day at the Australian Open.

Kim Sears was seen uttering some choice words about Andy Murray's semi-final opponent Tomas Berdych, and in Sunday's final the BBC spent too much of their morning apologising for the language used by the British No.1 as he was eventually beaten by Novak Djokovic in their Australian Open final.

On-court microphones in Australia picked up several outbursts between points and even, in Murray's case, mid-rally. He appeared to have screamed sh** and f*** at different times and brought disapproval from commentators as, increasingly frustrated, he screamed up at his player's box, threw his racket around and even hit the net post.

At least the fiery Kim Sears lightened the tone by wearing a top reading 'PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT' in response to the furore caused by her moment of aggression towards Berdych's camp, which was promptly retweeted around the world and even made the front pages of national newspapers.

It remains to be seen how many complaints the BBC have received (commentators referred to comments on social media), but considering they had to deal with over 400 viewers writing in to complain about Phil Neville being boring during the World Cup, it seems likely that they'll have to deal with more criticism in the coming days.

Kim Sears' made light of the furore over her choice of words during the Australian Open semi-final © Getty Images
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