Audley Harrison

  • Full name Audley Harrison
  • Nickname A-Force
  • Birth date October 26, 1971
  • Birth place London
  • Current age 48 years 51 days
  • Height 6 ft 5 in
  • Weight 255 lb
Audley Harrison celebrates after knocking out Michael Sprott

Audley Harrison shot to prominence at the 2000 Olympics, landing Britain a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division, but perhaps the abiding memory of him will be his abject performance against David Haye when offered the chance of a world title in the professional game.

After turning pro in 2001, he became a household name - mainly due to his outlandish remarks and insisting that he would become heavyweight champion of the world because it was his 'destiny'.

Unfortunately for him, his 'destiny' will almost certainly never be fulfilled. Immediately after 'A-force' signed a contract with the BBC, his career began to head on a downward curve. He had 17 fights on the network, none of which were against any stand-out fighters, and consequently his credibility began to suffer.

Things went from bad to worse for the former Olympic champion when he lost to British champion Danny Williams in 2004. Further defeats to little-known Dominick Guinn and Michael Sprott cast doubt over his future in the sport before a crushing loss to Belfast taxi driver, Martin Rogan, in December 2008, appeared to signal the end of his career.

To his credit, Harrison picked himself off the floor to reignite his stuttering career, winning Prizefighter in October 2009. And he banished earlier demons when he secure a last-gasp knockout against old foe Sprott to claim the vacant European belt in April 2010.

Hot on the heels of the European title came the chance to snatch Haye's strap from him in November 2010. Harrison froze in the ring, trapped by caution's grip as he landed one jab in the three rounds the fight lasted.

He returned to action by beating Ali Adams in May 2012, but a brutal first-round knockout by David Price in October again raised serious doubts about his future in the ring, prompting Harrison to consider retirement.

Career high: Undoubtedly, beating Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov on points in Sydney to win Olympic gold in 2000.

Career low: The timid one-punch display against David Haye that arguably landed the knockout blow to his credibility.

Quote: "You need to understand that it is my destiny and trust me when I tell you this, at some point my left hand is going to land on your chin and trust me, Audley Harrison on November 13 is the new world champion, no doubt." Harrison lays down the law to Haye ahead of their November showdown.


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Deontay Wilder unloads on Audley Harrison

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