• Floyd Mayweather Jnr v Miguel Cotto

Mayweather plans to retire in two years

ESPN staff
May 1, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jnr is confident that his legacy has been secured even if he fails to meet Manny Pacquiao before retiring at the age of 37.

Pacquiao's name has dominated the build-up to Mayweather's recent fights, and negotiations between the pair broke down earlier this year, before Mayweather agreed a bout against Miguel Cotto on May 5.

But Mayweather, 35, has insisted that he is not fazed by the prospect of never taking on Pacquiao, and the unbeaten American will not lose any sleep if the pair fail to face-off.

"If it really was all about Pacquiao then I didn't have to fight all 42 opponents [I have faced so far]," Mayweather said. "All I had to do was come to the sport of boxing and fight one guy then I would have gone down as the best, just one guy. So I guess the 42 guys that I've faced didn't count.

"But I want to stay active, I want to fight again in 2012 before the year is up. I want to constantly go out there and test my skills and I want to continue to push myself to the limit. I still plan to retire at 37 - but I want to fight plenty of times before then."

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