• Manny Pacquiao v Juan Manuel Marquez

'It's war' Marquez tells Pacquiao

ESPN staff
December 6, 2012
Juan Manuel Marquez on the attack against Manny Pacquiao in 2011 © Getty Images

Juan Manuel Marquez says he is ready for a 'war' when he gets in the ring with Manny Pacquiao for the fourth time on Saturday.

Marquez laid down the challenge to his familiar opponent in a press conference, adding that the public wanted to see a brutal fight between the two.

There is no world title on the line at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, instead the honour of being called the WBO Fighter of the Decade is up for grabs.

But perhaps more important to both Pacquiao and Marquez is the reward of ultimate bragging rights for the victor if there is a clearly-adjudged winner.

The pair's rivalry spans eight years and while Pacquiao has officially won two of their three bouts, the other being a draw, there were outcries from Marquez's camp after the last clash in 2011, with many commentators saying the Mexican should have won.

But Marquez insists he is ready to right those perceived wrongs against his Filipino counterpart in an aggressive fight.

"I want to give another great fight," Marquez said. "The most important thing for this fight is that Manny Pacquiao knows me and I know him.

"This fight will be another war. Everybody wants another war because he knows me, I know him."

Pacquiao echoed his rival's sentiments on the nature of the fight but put the onus on Marquez to impress the fans saying he had a point to prove.

Pacquiao said: "The fourth fight with Marquez is going to be a good fight and I believe, and I know, that he's trained hard [and] he works hard for this fight.

"He needs to prove something for this fight and I am ready for that and I'm hoping for a good fight and more action in the ring on Saturday."

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