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Floyd: I've done my time, now Guerrero will do his

ESPN staff
April 18, 2013
Floyd Mayweather Jr is confident ahead of his next fight © PA Photos

Floyd Mayweather Jr does not believe his recent jail term will have any adverse effect on his forthcoming title defence against Robert Guerrero.

Mayweather, 36, is firmly back in training after serving two months in jail at the end of last summer, and does not believe that spell has affected his preparations for his May 4 WBC welterweight title defence against Guerrero. 

Having never been beaten in 43 meetings, Mayweather Jr believes the pressure remains firmly on Guerrero to try and find a recipe for success where every one of his previous opponents has failed.

"No one has a blueprint in how to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr," the American said. "All 43 opponents had a gameplan, all 43 opponents came up short. No-one has found a way to break the Mayweather code.

I don't think the layoff will hurt me. I've faced every style, so it's not hard for me to make adjustments."

Mayweather did confirm a change of trainer, however - switching back to his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr, after complaining that he received too much punishment in his previous contest against Miguel Cotto, where he was trained by his uncle Roger.

"I have to go out there and see what game plan my dad has in store for me," Mayweather said. "My dad is back in camp and we're going strong. I felt like in the Miguel Cotto fight I got hit too much.

"I've got to be smarter, listen to my corner. I'm not saying I didn't listen to my corner during the Miguel Cotto fight. Miguel Cotto came into the fight a super middleweight. Floyd Mayweather is a welterweight, and I wanted Cotto to be at his best weight and his best weight is 154. He was solid, he was strong."

Speaking at a media day workout, Mayweather branded Guerrero a "hypocrite" - saying his forthcoming opponent presented himself as a clean-living man when that does not appear to be true.

Guerrero was recently arrested on gun charges.

"He only has one loss on his record, but a true champion bounces back," Mayweather noted. "He's going to bring his best. You see guys that are hypocrites. You've got a guy that's always preaching like he's a preacher, like he loves God more than anybody else, and I feel like we're all equal when it's all said and done.

"You've got this guy that's preaching and going to the 700 Club, acting like he's a pastor, but he's got a gun on him. He's got Marilyn Monroe on his wall at his house. Like I said before, guys like that are hypocrites. You live and learn.

"These guys were joking about me going to jail. A week after the fight, it's time for him to do his time."

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