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Khan: Mayweather clan respect my talents

ESPN staff
May 4, 2013

Amir Khan has claimed that Floyd Mayweather Jr's uncle - and former coach - told the Brit fighter back in 2009 that he had the style to beat the American.

Khan has talked up the prospect of fighting Mayweather - perhaps in 2014 - as he slowly clambers his way back to prominence after a rocky patch in his career.

And the 26-year-old claims that Roger Mayweather, Floyd's long-term coach, praised Khan's abilities when watching him up close during a training session in 2009.

"I met his uncle [Roger Mayweather] when I visited his gym and he told me that I had the style, which would cause Floyd a lot of problems," said Khan. "That was from his uncle's own mouth. I think Floyd knows this as well that I have the style, which would cause him problems.

"They have been watching me for a long time and when I visited Floyd's gym that time, they knew all about me, even though I hadn't won a world title yet."

Mayweather, who is due to defend his unbeaten record against Robert Guerrero on Saturday, has previously talked up the prospect of fighting on British soil before his career comes to an end - however, Khan is doubtful any potential meeting between the pair will be in the UK.

"I think there is a possibility of me and Floyd fighting and it would show his class if he came over to the UK," said Khan. "But Vegas can offer so much money that it would be very difficult for him to come to the UK unless the numbers add up."

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