• David Haye v Tyson Fury

Fury: I'd vote for Haye to be next Bond

ESPN staff
July 15, 2013
Tyson Fury and David Haye will clash on September 28 © PA Photos

Tyson Fury believes David Haye has all the ingredients to be the next James Bond after the unbeaten heavyweight vowed to end his opponent's career - while Haye has branded Fury a 'mentally deranged idiot'.

The much-talked about potential fight between the pair was confirmed for September 28 at Manchester's MEN Arena, and already both boxers have been involved in a war of words.

Former WBA champion Haye has revealed his ambition to go into acting in the past, and Fury feels Haye would be the perfect person to replace the current 007 actor.

"I would really like to vote for David to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig," Fury told the Daily Star.

"The guy can talk, he is good-looking and he is charismatic. What more does a Bond need than what David Haye has got? Everybody loves him in the UK.

"I would vote for him but I would vote for myself to be in the movie as well. I can be the new Jaws but I would be a bit better looking. We'll see if he'll be shaken and stirred. I'm going to go in all systems go."

Fury has yet to lose a bout during his 21-fight career, and insists Haye will have no choice but to hang up his gloves for a second time once he finishes with him in a couple of months' time.

"The guns are locked and loaded, ready for action," he said.

"I wonder how much Haye has got left? He has got other avenues of earning a living. I'm sure he could go into the movie scene or whatever he wants to do. I don't think he'll be boxing any more after this fight because, if he loses to me, who's he going to fight after that?

"The Klitschkos aren't going to want to fight him. He's not going to fight any more domestic fights."

Haye meanwhile hit back at Fury and branded the 6ft 9in man an 'idiot', saying: "He's very entertaining but you can't argue with an idiot, I just let him crack on with it.

"He said that he's the greatest boxer there has ever been and will ever be. That came out of his mouth. He genuinely believes that.

"You could go to any mental institution up and down the country and find people who genuinely believe they are talking to someone who's next to them. He is one of those guys.

"I think he is mentally deranged. Not in a bad way, he's not a danger to anybody, particularly in the boxing ring."

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