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Haye vows to kick 'deluded' Fury's backside

ESPN staff
September 14, 2013
David Haye wants to defeat Tyson Fury in order to earn a world title shot with one of the Klitschko brothers © Getty Images

David Haye has branded upcoming opponent Tyson Fury "deluded" and insists he will have no trouble in seeing off the undefeated heavyweight when the pair come to blows in Manchester on September 28.

Both camps are entering their final preparations for one of the most eagerly anticipated British showdowns in recent years, but Haye believes Fury's confidence will prove his undoing when they touch gloves in front of the sell-out crowd.

"You know, he's made such big claims, he genuinely said with a straight face he's the best boxer that has ever lived and that will ever live," Haye told Sky Sports News.

"Anybody who believes that, particularly anyone who hasn't actually fought anyone and has been knocked down in the last couple of fights is either deluded or they've got a screw loose."

Regardless of the outcome, Fury has already confirmed his decision to take part in a kickboxing contest in October. Known for his outspoken attitude, the 25-year-old previously made it known he wishes to face UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

However, Haye - who has not fought since his 2012 victory over long-time rival Dereck Chisora - is adamant he will silence all of the Fury trash-talk and leave him clinging to the basics.

"If it was allowed, I'd let Tyson use his head, shoulders, knees and toes against me on September 28," Haye told Sky Sports. "He'll need all of those sharp edges just to make the fight competitive.

"I'll kick his backside from pillar to post, and that's about it. And, to do that, all I'll need is my left and right fists. Then, after I've finished with him, he can start looking at other career options. Fury's a wacky guy and a proper fighting man, so he probably thinks he can conquer the world right now.

"I've already heard him call out UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez - another heavyweight who'd smash Fury to pieces - and maybe he can also slip that mismatch into his schedule once I've knocked him out in September and he's been head-kicked to the floor in October. The UFC champion can wrestle him to the ground and complete a humiliating hat-trick.

"I give credit to any man taking a risk and competing outside his comfort zone, but first things first, Tyson. How about achieving something worthwhile in the sport of boxing?

"Because, rather than kickboxing in Romania, one month after our fight you'll be going right back to basics and learning how to properly jab again."

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