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Hopkins bizarrely rebrands himself as 'The Alien'

ESPN staff
October 18, 2013
Hopkins ready for Murat

Bernard Hopkins has sensationally rebranded himself as 'The Alien' ahead of his October 26 IBF light-heavyweight defence against Karo Murat.

Hopkins was previously known as 'The Executioner', but opted to completely refresh his image before he faces Murat in Atlantic City.

The 48-year-old is the oldest world champion ever to grace the planet - although Hopkins reiterated the decision to change his image was because he is "not of this world."

"'Everyone the age of 40 and over had better be on my side on October 26, or I'll kick their ass," Hopkins said.

"I'm happy to be here, but that's where The Alien comes in. You won't hear The Executioner. You won't see me with my hands crossed. The Executioner is retired. I'm an alien because I am of this world, but I'm not from this world."

Hopkins continued by stating age will not count against him when he fights Murat, although the American criticised his opponent for believing youth would overcome experience.

"How do you train to beat Bernard Hopkins?" Hopkins said. "Karo Murat says he is coming in with youth.

"Karo Murat is smart enough, but dumb enough to say that he has half of my experience. We've heard that before. He has half of the experience. He's coming with two theories.

"He is coming to fight the guy that is 48. Just because the car is a 1965, doesn't mean it's old. Check the mileage, check the engine and then check the wear and tear. The year is old, but if you check the engine it's like new."

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