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Fury went too far on Twitter - Haye

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October 18, 2013
David Haye cannot wait to deliver a knockout blow to Tyson Fury © Getty Images

David Haye believes Tyson Fury went "too far" with his latest Twitter rant, which landed the unbeaten heavyweight in hot water with the British Board of Boxing Control after he posted a string of homophobic slurs.

Fury took to the social networking site in response to comments made by Lennox Lewis, who stated he would knock Fury out inside a round - despite being 48 years old.

However, Haye revealed he was not impressed with the way Fury had conducted himself - and vowed to get his retribution on "the keyboard warrior" when they go toe-to-toe in their rearranged British blockbuster bout in Manchester on February 8.

"I'm counting down the days until I'm able to step in the ring and punish Fury for being the complete idiot he is," Haye told The Sun. "His latest homophobic rant aimed at myself, Lennox Lewis and [Vitali and Wladimir] Klitschko has really taken things too far.

"It was only a few weeks back that Fury was face-to-face with Lennox on television and he conveniently didn't say a peep. Fury sat there looking like a nervous teenage boxing fan, in awe of the great Lennox Lewis.

"Why didn't Fury have the balls to say it to Lennox's face? I think the simple answer is that Lennox would have knocked his head clean off his shoulders - even at the ripe age of 48!

"The keyboard warrior that is Tyson Fury will only be able to pipe up until February 8, as after that night he will go back to where he came from... nowhere!"

Haye was originally scheduled to fight Fury in September, but had to postpone the bout after he suffered a cut above his left eye in sparring.

The decision drew plenty of criticism from Fury, who hinted Haye had asked trainer Adam Booth to deliberately cut him in order to avoid the fight.

However, the 'Hayemaker' stated he was only ever interested in rescheduling the fight and will repay people's patience by stopping Fury with a knockout blow.

"I made it my mission to immediately reschedule the Fury fight as soon as possible, which my amazing team were able to do," Haye said. "When I finally spark out Fury on February 8, it will be my way of saying a big thank you to the fans for their patience and loyalty.

"The cut over my left eye is healing nicely, but it will be a few weeks before I can take any solid blows on it. The date of February 8 gives me plenty of time to heal, also lots of time to spar, so the cut will not affect the bout in any way."

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