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Groves applies to be his own manager

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April 4, 2014
George Groves was fuming after the first bout and fought hard for a rematch with Carl Froch © Getty Images

George Groves has applied for a manager's licence from boxing's authorities because he doesn't trust anyone to look after him following his controversial fight with Carl Froch.

Londoner Groves was unhappy after being stopped by referee Howard Foster in the ninth round at the Manchester Arena and battled hard to secure a rematch, set to take place at Wembley Stadium on May 31.

It took a protest to the International Boxing Federation in New York to force another world super middleweight title bout - and it led to Groves deciding that he is better off sorting out his own business.

"He's in a bad place"

  • George Groves believes he has the psychological advantage over Carl Froch as the pair prepare for their rematch at Wembley.
  • "I know I would have beaten him the first time if it hadn't been improperly stopped," he told talkSPORT."Now there's no way Carl can beat me.
  • "He says he can't even stand to hear my name spoken and he can't look at me for the stare-down photographs which are part of being a professional and selling a fight.
  • "He's seeking help from a sports psychologist because he's in a bad place."

"You have to have a manager to be a boxer and you can no longer just appoint yourself as your own manager like the old days," he explained to the Daily Mail. "So I formally applied to the British Boxing Board of Control for a manager's licence.

"It's taken a while because first they said I hadn't done the form properly, then I hadn't sent the two photographs. But it's all done now.

"I'm taking charge of my own business because I don't trust anyone at the moment."

Promoter Eddie Hearn reportedly offered Groves £1 million for the Froch rematch, but Groves wasn't interested as interest in the fight hit fever pitch.

"I'm not only getting a lot more than I did for the first fight but a lot more than that bid from Eddie," he said.

"I may not be the smartest man in west London but I do know that an 80,000 crowd brings in £5million. Then there's the television and so on. So I'm not going to accept £100,000 or £1m."

Groves, who was previously managed by ex-trainer Adam Booth, added: "The Board seemed to think I wanted to take over boxing in this country but although I might manage other fighters as well, I'm not looking to be a promoter. That's too complicated and distracting when you're an active fighter.

"Because I've done this deal there is no rematch clause when I beat Carl and no options with the promoter. I will be a free agent to make the most of my success and my popularity with the public. I'm a valuable commodity."

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