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'Serial killer' Groves ready for war

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May 28, 2014
Buncey's Boxing Podcast

George Groves has described himself as "more like a serial killer" as he prepares for his much-anticipated rematch with Carl Froch.

Groves will square up against his arch rival at Wembley on Saturday following a controversial decision by referee Howard Foster to end the first bout between the pair six months ago.

And speaking at an open training session in London's Westfield shopping centre, just a mile from his birthplace in Hammersmith, the 26-year-old revealed his pre-fight mentality.

Fitch confirmed

  • Promoter Eddie Hearn has confirmed that referee Charlie Fitch will officiate the IBF and WBA world title rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves at Wembley on Saturday.
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"I stop being a human being for the last five weeks [before a fight]," he told The Times. "I'm more like a serial killer.

"You are preparing for a fight. You are preparing for war. You are preparing to win at all costs and come fight night you are never more in tune with what's in front of you.

"It is hard to absorb the size of a crowd in the heat of a moment. You are focused on the fight. The guy in front of you is all your mind is on, that's your primary objective, your target.

"You have a really heightened sense of emotion. You feel like you are walking a tightrope of joy and anger and sadness - you can feel it almost on your chest, but that's great because it lets you know you're living, lets you know you're alive and your blood's pumping and it's when you get your best performances out.

"So as long as you learn to control it and contain it, take a steady breath and execute."

Asked on his feelings about Froch, Groves added: "I neither like or dislike. It sounds very arrogant but I don't let emotion play a part in my performance.

"I'm not going to punch with anger. I punch because the punch is there to be taken - complete composure, emotionless. That's clinical - that's the serial killer mentality I was talking about."

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