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Violins out for King Kenny

ESPN staff
March 18, 2012
Kenny Dalglish's vocab stretched far enough to take in Steven Gerrard's joke © Getty Images

Paul Casey's caddie re-invents the golfing wheel, Roberto Mancini concedes he just loves losing, Rampage Jackson says the UFC matchmaker "needs to be shot in the face". What else but the Week in Words...

"This hasn't all been written down on the back of a bog roll or anything."
Bradley Wiggins prefers kitchen towel as a tactics board

"Bugger the cows."
Horse owner Anthony Knott, a dairy farmer by trade, dazzles with his compassion

"We shook on it, Craig handed me the eight iron, I hit it in the hole and Craig went bananas."
Paul Casey's caddie had always felt the eight iron would be more effective than a putter on the greens

"I think [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva needs to be shot in the face."
You can't help but admire Rampage Jackson's balanced judgement

"He's [the umpire] a moron. What do you think?"
Jackson and Andy Roddick were perhaps a bad influence on each other

"I left school at 15, my vocabulary is not that great."
Kenny Dalglish fail English? That's unpossible

"Banning Chisora would put him on the streets again where he could be a bigger threat."
We take Amir Khan's point, but as long as there's no press conferences outside Boots on Finchley Road, the public should be safe

"It's been bloody frustrating that I've trained the house down."
Perhaps training in a swimming pool would have helped Ian Thorpe more

"We were envious of United. We wanted to lose."
Roberto Mancini's obsession with Scunthorpe continues to concern City fans

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