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A glimpse into Tiger Woods' future?

ESPN staff
June 10, 2012
The good and bad of Tiger Woods © Getty Images

The latest Week in Words sees Wojciech Szczesny get the attention of Tiger Woods, Amir Khan make a worrying threat, and Andy Murray lash back at a court-side critic...

"I'm trying my tits off man."
Andy Murray lost his cool with a heckler in the crowd during his French Open loss to David Ferrer.

"Pretty good, huh?"
Tiger Woods keeps it modest after producing one of the all-time great chips to win the Memorial Tournament.

"Tiger has been struggling, he found himself in a position in a tournament, and it was either fish or cut bait."
Jack Nicklaus decided a fishing metaphor most aptly described the scenario that faced Woods as he pulled off the shot that won the Memorial Tournament.

"When I beat your son, am I still going to be overrated?"
We're happy to confirm Amir Khan was saying this to the father of his next opponent, Danny Garcia, not while standing outside a primary school.

"I remember somebody saying something about Qatar - I've never been to Qatar in my life!"
Harry Redknapp admits the travel from Portsmouth would be a grind.

"You want to break your racket. You want to shout. You want to cry. You want to laugh and say, 'Oh, come on, that's a joke."
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga describes what it feels like to waste four match points in the quarter-final of his home grand slam.

"It is very easy in England to find a girl who wants to be with you for the wrong reasons."
Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny gets the attention of Tiger Woods.

"There's too many guys I need to beat up. I have a moral obligation to get rid of some of the trash."
Not the words of Joey Barton, but rather UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen.

"Realistically he'll probably be seeing a lot of beautiful mares and smoking a lot of cigarettes."
This is not a plan for Tiger Woods' retirement, but rather trainer Doug O'Neill revealing racehorse I'll Have Another will likely never race again.

"If Jordan Henderson got in, any Englishman not currently in the squad has to feel aggrieved."
This time it is Joey Barton, sticking the boot in to Liverpool's £16 million man.

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