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Joey goes bananas

Rachel Beaven
September 16, 2012
Joey Barton is still riled by what happened on the final day of last season © PA Photos

Hype, haircuts and bananas feature in the latest indecipherable collection of quotes from the past sporting week...

"My abiding image of JT then was a box-to-box midfielder with a curtains haircut, smashing in headers from corners."
You do get the feeling that Bobby Zamora may be in for some uncomfortable times in the future after dredging up the long-buried John Terry curtain haircut

"The hype is part and parcel of the whole business."
If England continue to grind out draws with the Ukraines of this world, it's unlikely Roy Hodgson will be trotting this line out too often

"I'm excited by the challenge. I'm there until Christmas; I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead."
David Bentley making it very clear he is up for the challenge that comes with playing in Russia. The weather is another story altogether

"There were a lot of doubters. I have one thing to say: never doubt a champion."
Usain Bolt just making sure we know we were wrong to ever question his speed

"People are hanging off roofs, out of windows, and off lampposts to see us. It's incredible."
Sir Chris Hoy puts the health and safety brigade on red alert for all future London Olympic parades

"My inner chimp doesn't work well with injustice."
Joey Barton reveals why he went bananas at Manchester City at the end of last season

"We came down from Leeds to London on a train but we went home in a helicopter."
Alistair Brownlee, triathlon Olympic champion, managed to beat the rush hour traffic home

"I just watched Wedding Crashers and played a bit of Scrabble." 
Andy Murray reveals how a wild night with a TV remote and a board game helps him prepare for a US Open final

"Having just won three out of four tournaments, including a second major, I was hoping my success would be the more popular topic of conversation today!"
Rory McIlroy is a little upset that his accomplishments have been overshadowed by other headlines as people want to know who he will represent at the 2016 Olympics

"It was not football it was basketball."
Having seen Peter Crouch score for Stoke, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini left people in no doubt what he thought of the goal

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