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Riddle calls out Dan Hardy, begs Joe Silva

ESPN staff
November 18, 2012

Matt Riddle has issued another call-out to England's Dan Hardy, and he begged UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to give him the fight after his win over John Maguire at UFC 154.

Riddle claimed a decision over Maguire in a close fight, and then instantly went after Hardy, whom he also called out after his previous win.

The welterweight has nothing against Hardy, he merely wants to take on one of the welterweight division's big names in order to propel himself up the pay scale.

"I want to fight Dan Hardy. I bumped shoulders with you earlier in the hotel, you're a nice guy, I'm a nice guy, I still want to fight," Riddle told MMA Fighting.

"It's nothing personal, you're a big name, you've got a red Mohawk, I want what you've got. I'm coming after you - Joe Silva give me the fight.

"I don't care when or where. If you want me to beat someone else up beforehand, fine, whatever. I want that fight with Dan Hardy. Please! Don't make me beg, don't make me run my mouth, I'll ask you nicely: Please give me the fight with Dan Hardy."

Riddle also recounted a brief meeting between he and Hardy at the fighters' hotel in Montreal this week.

"[Hardy] said, 'I knew I'd bump into you', and then he started dropping some names, saying he's training with Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald," Riddle recalled. "But I'd sign that paper right now."

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