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Suarez: United control the media (but I did dive)

ESPN staff
January 16, 2013

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has claimed that he receives unfair criticism - declaring that Manchester United control the British media.

Suarez has admitted he 'invented' a foul during a Premier League match against Stoke earlier this season, but believes he was treated unfairly over his controversial FA Cup goal against Mansfield.

The striker scored what turned out to be the winning goal against the non-league side after handling the ball. And in a television interview with Fox Sports Argentina, the Uruguay international has hit out at his critics.

He claimed: "Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them."

Suarez insists that his handball against Mansfield was accidental, although he admitted to trying to win a penalty against Stoke.

He said: "I don't listen all the nonsense some people say about me. I'm accused of cheating here. People say I throw myself all the time inside the box.

"Let's see: they said that when we played against Stoke, for instance, and in that case they were right. I invented a foul because we were drawing 1-1 against Stoke and I wanted to win.

"Sometimes on the pitch I say to myself: 'What have I done?' But the name of Suarez sells papers.

"The other day, for instance, I touched the ball with my hand accidentally, and I was criticised because I kissed my hand.

"The media make up a lot of things about me because they want to sell papers. I say to the media: You should talk more about football, not about other stuff."

Suarez claims that the media treat South American players such as himself, and Manchester City's Argentinian forwards Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero, with a lack of respect.

He added: "When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don't cry, because that happens inside the pitch.

"I have my conscience clean. But as I have said: Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.

"I can help Liverpool today. We are united and we can play well. Liverpool doesn't depend on me.

"It's complicated to play here in England. As Carlitos [Tevez] and Kun [Aguero] have said, it's complicated for a South American footballer to be here as we are treated differently to the local footballers.

"But they have their culture, they are like this, you know. I have to play football, which is what I always wanted, but I have suffered a lot for being a footballer."

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