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A referendum on sport

ESPN staff
February 8, 2013
Arsene Wenger: The most suspicious man in sport © PA Photos

This week we've got Arsene Wenger's strident views on sport (summary: don't believe any of it. How encouraging), Eddie Hearn's impressive sense of smell and Neymar's similarly impressive understanding of football:

"Sport is full of legends who are in fact cheats."
Arsene Wenger pulls no punches whatsoever.

"The whole thing looks a little bit cheesy to me and a little bit fishy from the Mayweather camp."
If Eddie Hearn was in a pizza restaurant when he said this then someone made a very poor choice.

"I am the biggest softie of them all."
Theo Walcott reveals sport is not just full of cheats, but softies too.

"It would be a bit daft for them to approach me, with my old man working for the ICC."
Stuart Broad reminds any would-be match-fixers out there that they need to be a bit stealthier if they are going to get to him, with dad Chris working for the game's governing body.

"Would I really love to be part of a winning Test series? Absolutely. Do I want to go on another tour and not win the series? Not really."
Ireland's Brian O'Driscoll sums up the sportsman's mentality: Winning - good. Losing - not so good.

"I think maybe they rely on Wayne Rooney."
Brazil attacker Neymar reveals his tactical insight isn't quite up there with his technical ability.

"Maybe I don't get the recognition and the praise I deserve but I don't want to sit here and keep going on about wanting to be loved."
Ashley Cole is not going to be posting a lonely hearts advert anytime soon.

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