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The breakfast of champions

ESPN staff
April 28, 2013
Luis Suarez was the centre of attention this week © PA Photos

In the latest collection of memorable quotes, we have Luis Suarez getting pilloried for his conduct (again), Chael Sonnen running his mouth (again) - and Chris Gayle revealling what a record-breaker really has for breakfast:

"Tyson Fury, oh where can he be? He is the next man that I want to see. Sheffield, England, do you agree?"
Deontay Wilder waxes lyrical - quite literally - about his possible next fight.

"We want to be crocodiles of chaos."
Saracens' Brad Barritt loves alliteration nearly as much as making tackles.

"You had [Luis] Suarez but he has bitten into his reward!"
Arsene Wenger notes that a certain Liverpool striker is perhaps no longer considered player of they year material.

"He's got battery that goes and goes."
As opposed to batteries that go, stop, and then go again for a bit, David Moyes?

"Is the weight class ready for Adrien Broner? That's the question."
Shakespeare was wrong, Adrien Broner was right - this is the real question.

"It looks like he has been a lucky boy."
Danny Cipriani's manager, James Williamson, shows a rare knack for understatement after his client was hit BY A BUS.

"They're all over them like a rash."
Co-commentator Gary Neville describes Borussia Dortmund's defeat of Real Madrid.

"I hope Ivanovic won't be suffering from rabies when he comes over to Basel."
Basel coach Murat Yakin has a joke at Luis Suarez's expense.

"All I had for breakfast this morning was a plain omelette, two pancakes and a hot chocolate."
After his record-setting IPL innings, imagine what Chris Gayle could do after a few Weetabix...

"You can pick up his little arm as many times as you want and call him the winner, but the fact is I whipped his ass for 30 minutes.
Chael Sonnen should probably learn the rules of UFC.

"In my profession, you're supposed to kill weeds. Me, not so much.
Golfers may be in for a real shock when they arrive at Merion for the US Open, if the course director's views are anything to go by.

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