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Rhythmic gymnastic judges caught up in cheating row

ESPN staff
July 22, 2013

The sport of rhythmic gymnastics, usually in the public consciousness only when there is an Olympics on, is not one associated with scandal but it has been rocked by news that its judges have been cheating.

A scoring system which remains a mystery to most casual onlookers does not help openness, but it has been revealed that 60 potential Olympic judges were discovered cheating during elite-level exams. One Olympic official was expelled as a result and six others, including one from the USA, Caroline Hunt, were suspended.

"USA Gymnastics fully supports Caroline and recognises her integrity and commitment to fair play and the sport of rhythmic gymnastics," said Lesley King, vice president of communications for USA Gymnastics. "USA Gymnastics is planning to appeal the decision on Caroline's behalf."

An investigations revealed that hundreds of answers in tests across a variety of countries had been changed while other instances included blatant copying.

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