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Rodgers plays top trumps and Cook gets shirty

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August 31, 2014
Mario Balotelli - a top player, according to Brendan Rodgers © Getty Images

In the latest edition of ESPN's Week in Words, Brendan Rodgers uses "top" like it's going out of fashion, Alastair Cook gets a bit shirty and Andy Murray is happy with the colour of his ... wee.

"If you are a top player with a top mind then you want other top players. If you are a top player and looking at another top player coming in then you will be thinking, 'He can help us.' A top player with a top mentality responds to the competition"
Top work from Brendan Rodgers while talking about top player Daniel Sturridge and top player Mario Balotelli. Tops

"She was just screaming and lost consciousness, she was pouring down with blood. I tried to hold her cut but the blood wouldn't stop, it was like opening tap water, it kept coming out"
Jimmy Wang, whose wife was taken to hospital after being hit by fireworks before the Bledisloe Cup match between New Zealand and Australia

"He's a very bright boy and he knows this is his last chance "
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admits taking a gamble by signing Mario Balotelli

"I didn't want to do a boxing movie and I can't play basketball - I don't dribble very well - so rugby seemed to be the sport"
Hollywood veteran Mickey Rourke on his plans to play Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas in a film

"Who's that?"
Manny Pacquiao was in good spirits when asked for the millionth time if he'll be facing Floyd Mayweather

"I don't think I was that dehydrated, because I needed to go to the toilet when I got off the court. And not to be too graphic, but it wasn't like it was like brown. I was fine"
Well, you kind of are being a bit too graphic, aren't you Andy Murray?

"The Pro12 is right up there with the Premiership and the Top 14"
Fighting talk from Edinburgh head coach Alan Solomons

"The journo was as confused as a goldfish with dementia"
Nick Cummins on a Japanese magazine article referring to him as the "Honey Budger" in the headline

Surely there's no coincidence Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko posted this on Twitter when Manchester United lost 4-0 to MK Dons?

" I don't think it's that helpful, especially from a so-called friend "
Alastair Cook goes all teenage girl on Graeme Swann for daring to point out England aren't very good at one-day cricket

"I'm one of the best players in the world in that No.10 position"
Really, Mesut Ozil?

"I'm happy to be back [at Crystal Palace] - I was seen as a hero here when I left"
Wilfried Zaha certainly thinks a lot of himself

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