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Watkins Glen, United States

  • Circuit type Road
  • Circuit Length 5.430kms
  • Circuit Turns 11
  • Circuit Direction Clockwise
  • Capacity 41,000
  • Established 1953
  • Designer Bill Milliken
Watkins Glen, United States
Records and Statistics
Race Date Winner
First race United States Grand Prix October 8, 1961 Innes Ireland (GBR) full results
Last race United States Grand Prix October 5, 1980 Alan Jones (AUS) full results
Total races 20

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No American circuit has hosted the United States Grand Prix for as long, with this upstate New York track enjoying a 20-year tenure that ended in 1980 when street circuits came into favour. The circuit was built in 1956 after a nearby temporary road circuit was considered too dangerous. However, the deaths in consecutive years of Francois Cevert and Helmuth Koinigg proved that the grand prix circuit was none too safe either. Watkins Glen fell into disrepair after losing the grand prix but has since been revived for sports car races.

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