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Shizuoka, Japan

  • Circuit type Race
  • Circuit Length 4.563kms
  • Circuit Turns 16
  • Circuit Direction Clockwise
Records and Statistics
Race Date Winner
First race Japanese Grand Prix October 24, 1976 Mario Andretti (USA) full results
Last race Japanese Grand Prix October 12, 2008 Fernando Alonso (ESP) full results
Total races 4

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No circuit offers a better backdrop, with the perfect volcanic cone of Mount Fuji rising clear of the forests below. Used only twice by the World Championship, it offered an unusually long start/finish straight fed out of a long, long corner and then coming to an end in a hairpin, making overtaking more than likely. Rain could hit hard, though, and it did in 1976, all but washing the cars off the track. Two chicanes have since spoiled its shape, but this wonderful track is still in use today.

Reproduced from The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Formula One published by Carlton Books

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