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Adelaide, Australia

  • Circuit type Street
  • Circuit Length 3.780kms
  • Circuit Turns 16
  • Circuit Direction Clockwise
  • Unused Since 1995
  • Established 1985
Records and Statistics
Race Date Winner
First race Australian Grand Prix November 3, 1985 Keke Rosberg (FIN) full results
Last race Australian Grand Prix November 12, 1995 Damon Hill (GBR) full results
Total races 11

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Temporary circuits often come in for a lot of flak for being narrow and failing to offer any points at which overtaking may take place. Not so Adelaide, which offered straights long and wide enough for slipstreaming and banzai outbraking manoeuvres. The concrete walls that lined its length were hard, though, as Mika Hakkinen discovered in 1995, suffering serious head injuries. The South Australian city was small enough to totally embrace the grand prix, its end-of-season parties.

Reproduced from The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Formula One published by Carlton Books

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