Christian Lautenschlager  Germany

  • Full name Christian Friedrich Lautenschlager
  • Birth date April 13, 1877
  • Birthplace Magstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Date of death January 3, 1954 (76 years 265 days)
  • Place of death Untertürkheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Christian Lautenschlager was 14 when he began training for a career as a machinist before traveling around Europe, returning to Stuttgart in 1899 where he found work at the Daimler factory. He worked his way up to the position of mechanic and then of test driver for the company's race cars.

In 1908, he was given the chance to drive a Mercedes race car, and won the French Grand Prix but returned to his factory job rather than joining the racing circuit as a permanent driver. In 1914, driving a Mercedes 37/95, he won the Elgin National Trophy in the USA. That July at Lyon he won the 1914 French Grand Prix in what was the last grand prix before World War One.His achievement came against a field led by Frenchman Georges Boillot, who had won the race the past two years, after seven hours.

After the war he raced on a semi-regular basis without much success and he retired from racing in 1924. He returned to work for Daimler until his retirement.

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