Dolly Resta  Italy

  • Full name Dario Resta
  • Birth date August 19, 1882
  • Birthplace Faenza, Italy
  • Date of death September 2, 1924 (42 years 14 days)
  • Place of death Weybridge, Great Britain
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Dario Resta was raised in England from the age of two and began racing in 1907, taking part in the first race at Brooklands. After competing in Grand Prix motor racing in Europe, including the1913 French Grand Prix, he went to the US.

In 1915 he won the US Grand Prix at San Francisco and followed up with victory in the Vanderbilt Cup. At the Indianapolis 500 he led before his car skidded and he was forced to make a pit stop, eventually finishing second. A month later he drove his Peugeot to win the inaugural 500-mile race on the board track at the Chicago Speedway.

In 1916 he dominated, winning the United States National Driving Championship, Resta again won of the Vanderbilt Cup plus the Indianapolis 500, the Chicago 300, the Minneapolis 150 and the Omaha 150. But thereafter with racing all but suspended for the war, he turned to business and at the same time became a US citizen and opened a small track at Buttonwillow, California.

In 1923, aged 40, he returned to the track , with moderate success. In 1924 while attempting a new land speed record he crashed at Brooklands and was killed.
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