Alexandre Darracq  France

  • Full name Pierre Alexandre Darracq
  • Birth date November 10, 1855
  • Birthplace Bordeaux, France
  • Date of death 1931 (75 years days)
  • Place of death Monaco, France

Alexandre Darracq was major car manufacturer in the early days of the automobile. He started out making sewing machines, then cycles, selling his company in 1896 and investing the proceeds in a car-making business. Oddly, he did not even like driving or being driven. By 1904 he was responsible for 10% of all cars sold in France, and his company was involved in the first grand prix races. Darracq was able to licence his products across Europe and he eventually sold in 1912 for a substantial fortune. He ran a casino before retiring to the French Riviera to run the Hotel Negresco in Nice. He died in 1931.

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