Robert Sénéchal  France

  • Full name Robert Sénéchal
  • Birth date 1982
  • Date of death July 30, 1985 (3 years days)

Robert Senechal, a fighter pilot in World War One, was a seller of surplus military equipment who turned his hand to making lightweight sports cars. He became a racing driver by chance, replacing an ill constant at an event at the last moment. He so enjoyed the experience that in his first full season in 1922 he won 21 of the 30 races he entered. He won the Boulogne Grand Prix and the famous Bol d'Or both twice, and in 1926, along with Louis Wagner, he won the inaugural British Grand Prix. He was forced to retire following an accident in 1931, and he then turned his attention to a number of projects, including returning to the air as an aerial photographer. He was also the Paris agent for Bugatti before the war, winning the right after winning a bet with the founder he could drive one of the cars from Paris to Nice in under 10 hours.
Martin Williamson

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