Jules Goux  France

  • Full name Jules Goux
  • Birth date April 6, 1885
  • Date of death March 6, 1965 (79 years 334 days)

Jules Goux started racing in the sport's early days, and his first success came when he won the Catalan Cup on a road circuit in Spain in 1908, repeating the win a year later. As a result he was invited by Peugeot Automobile to race for their factory team, and while there he helped develop a new racer powered by a Straight-4 engine.

Driving a Peugeot he won the Sarthe Cup at Le Mans in 1912, and in 1913 travelled with the team to the USA to compete in the Indianapolis 500. He won the race, becoming the first European do so. It was claimed he drank six pints of champagne to fight dehydration during the race, later remarking: "Without the fine wine, I would not have been able to finish."

After World War One he resumed racing, finishing third in the 1921 French Grand Prix and then winning the inaugural Italian Grand Prix. It was five years before his next major win, taking the chequered flag at the French Grand Prix and the European Grand Prix in Spain driving a Bugatti T39A. He missed the chance of a hat-trick when he gave the inaugural British Grand Prix a miss.
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