Monisha Kaltenborn  Austria

  • Full name Monisha Kaltenborn Narang
  • Birth date May 10, 1971
  • Birthplace Dehradun, India
  • Current age 47 years 257 days
  • Teams BMW Sauber, Sauber
  • Other roles Principal
driver portrait

The first female team principal in the sport, Monisha Kaltenborn is the person Peter Sauber has entrusted with the running of his Formula One team. She is often dubbed "the most powerful woman in F1", but Kaltenborn says her leadership is formed around "a certain serenity and openness" that she puts down to her Indian roots.

She grew up in Dehradun where she dreamed of being an astronaut, but in 1979 Kaltenborn's parents left India in search of a better education for their daughter, settling in Vienna, Austria. She took on Austrian citizenship and in 1995 graduated from the University of Vienna with a law degree before working for the UN and studying for a Masters of Law at the London School of Economics.

Her first taste of F1 came in 1998 while working for the Fritz Kaiser Group on the legal and corporate affairs of the Sauber F1 team. She clearly impressed and in 2000 was appointed as the head of Sauber's legal department, becoming a board member one year later.

Over the next ten years her passion for the sport blossomed as she worked on driver contracts, dealings with the FIA and commercial agreements with Bernie Ecclestone. Her hard work was rewarded in January 2010 when she was made CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG, following BMW's exit from the team. Peter Sauber returned as the team principal but handed the day-to-day running of the team to his new CEO, who proved to be more than capable of doing the job.

In 2012 she was made the de facto team principal when Sauber stuck to his promise not to be sat on the pit wall in his seventies. She has a 33.3% shareholding in the team and looks set to oversee it for the foreseeable future.

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