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 'I think just get your f***ing head down, work hard and try to sort it out.   Toto Wolff replied to certain people in the garage complaining about the size of Mercedes advantage in 2015 March 15, 2015

 I remember Red Bull, transitioning from a super cool team with Star Wars costumes in Monaco, and all of us being so happy for them scoring a podium there, to a team that was seen as the Dark Side! From being a Jedi, you become Darth Vader.   No prizes for guessing which film Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is most looking forward to in 2015 as he talks about how perceptions changed now his team is the dominant force in F1 January 14, 2015

 This day is good for me. You are old now, so hopefully it will be easier for me this year.   Nico Rosberg has a playful Twitter message for Mercedes team-mate and 2014 world champion Lewis Hamilton on the Brit's 30th birthday. January 7, 2015

 There are things I would do differently; that's natural. But regrets? No    It's hard to imagine Nico Rosberg is being entirely truthful about the 2014 campaign after being beaten to the world championship by Lewis Hamilton November 31, 2014

 Lewis can do something to keep it clean, which is drive cleanly himself.    Nico Rosberg takes a swipe at Lewis Hamilton ahead of their title showdown in Abu Dhabi November 20, 2014

 Only a paranoid mind could come up with such an idea.   Toto Wolff bluntly dismisses conspiracy theories saying Nico Rosberg's mistake in Italy was an orchestrated Mercedes team order September 8, 2014

 I did it a couple of races ago and he doesn't seem to like it so I'll try it a bit more.   Lewis Hamilton thinks he's found a chink in Nico Rosberg's armour after his costly mistake under pressure at the Italian Grand Prix September 7, 2014

 Does that mean that we can all now say 'OK, we can race a lot closer and if the guy in front comes off and is out of the race, nothing will happen'?   Lewis Hamilton thinks the FIA has set an interesting precedent by not penalising Nico Rosberg for the pair's collision at the Belgian Grand Prix September 4, 2014

 I wish to go a step further and describe it as an error of judgement on my part.   Nico Rosberg changes his tune slightly on his collision with Lewis Hamilton in Belgium after a meeting with his team-mate and senior Mercedes management. August 29, 2014

 Today we've seen the limits of the slap on the wrist. Maybe the slap on the wrist is not enough.    Toto Wolff suggests Mercedes could seek a severe punishment for Nico Rosberg after the events of the Belgian Grand Prix August 24, 2014

 He said it was my fault and that he could have avoided it. But he didn't want to.   Lewis Hamilton tells the press what Nico Rosberg told him about their collision on lap two of the Belgian Grand Prix August 24, 2014

 I would have not even answered.   Niki Lauda defends Lewis Hamilton's refusal to follow a Mercedes team order and move over for Nico Rosberg July 30, 2014

 I'm not slowing down for Nico. If he gets close enough to overtake, he can overtake.   Lewis Hamilton defies an order from Mercedes to let team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg through for strategy reasons July 28, 2014

 For me, what's important is to be who I am, not who people want me to be.   Lewis Hamilton explains why he is not bothered by the way the media has speculated about his mental strength in 2014 July 18, 2014

 We are not friends, we are colleagues   Lewis Hamilton when asked if he would be going for a drink with team-mate Nico Rosberg May 26, 2014

 They're not children. They're grown-up professionals who have their difficulties, but I will help them to overcome them in a nice way and they will understand   Niki Lauda adopts a fatherly role with his two sulking children at Mercedes May 26, 2014

 I don't know if Senna and Prost sat down and talked it out. I quite like the way Senna dealt with it so I'm going to take a page out of his book.   Lewis Hamilton hints at a a coming together with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg after his controversial stoppage in qualifying May 26, 2014

 They've got enough time to give that a wash and leather when it's in   Martin Brundle as Nico Rosberg, almost half a minute in the lead, comes into the pits at the Australian Grand Prix March 16, 2014

 It makes me wonder how we - the human race - can continue to neglect the neediest people in society and what we need to do to change things. I'd like to help in any way I can   We suspect that Lewis Hamilton could afford to do quite a lot actually if he is that worried abut poverty in India ... October 29, 2013

 It's like turning up at Old Trafford for a match against Manchester United and discovering they have to pay for the changing rooms, the hot water and the soap   Unnamed source railing against the costs imposed on teams by circuit owners October 9, 2013

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