20:00 The cars get away cleanly for their formation lap. Mostly soft tyres down the grid although some hard tyres towards the back.

The track looks dry at all the corners and there are no concerns about rain at the moment.

Alguersuari heads to the end of the pit lane as the grid lines up.

19:59 Hulekneberg will start from 17th after a gearbox change dropped him five places.

19:58 Alguersuari has a water leak and will have to start from the pit lane. A shame, as he was 11th on the grid with his best qualifying result of the season.

19:57 Final preparations are being made to the cars on the grid before the tyre blankets come off and the teams are told to move aside.

19:54 Confirmation from Ferrari that Massa changed his engine and gearbox ahead of today's race: "Felipe has one an installation lap after he changed engine and gearbox"

19:50 Lotus had a heart-stopping moment just before Trulli went out to the grid: "Problem getting 1st gear in the garage with Jarno, all OK now. Drama over"

19:46 Barrichello says he is feeling no pressure sitting behind the top five in the championship and he is willing to attack them into the first corner. However, the Cosworth engine is the least fuel efficient on the grid and his car will be heavier than any of the others around him.

19:45 David asks: "In theory, if Massas Ferrari was fixed fast enough, would he have been allowed to re-join qualifying and set a time in Q1?"

Nope, he stopped on the circuit and was pushed off it. As soon as the driver gets out of his car on track terminally, his session is over. Had he got back to the pits then yes, but a gearbox can take well over an hour to fix.

Still, it should be fun to see him make his way through the field this evening.

19:43 Alonso is now on the grid and is immediately swarmed by Spanish media.

19:42 Vettel says he is only interested in making up a position at the start and is not thinking about losing position. However, yesterday Button said he was hoping to make up a olace on Vettel as he suspects the Red Bull will be slow off the line.

19:41 No sign of Alonso on the grid, Ferrari are leaving it relatively late to get him out there.

19:40 The safety car is ready at the front of the grid, there is a high chance that we will see that again at some point today.

19:38 If you have any questions or comments before the start of the race, please get in contact by clicking on the link at the bottom of this window.

19:36 The pit lane is now open so the drivers are heading out to the grid, some of them are taking a trip back through the pits to get another run on the circuit and make sure the car is working properly.

19:30 Welcome to ESPNF1's live commentary of the Singapore Grand Prix. After a sensational qualifying session we should be set for a brilliant race with three different cars making up the top three places on the grid.

The bad news, or good, depending on which way you look at it, is that there has been no significant rain showers and the track will be dry for the start. That will take an extra element away from the race but it could still rain at some point.

Lap 1

Vettel gets a good start but Alonso squeezes him towards the wall and keeps him behind.

Barrichello has lost a couple of positions but the top five are as they were on the grid.

Heidfeld has a puncture and is going slowly back to the pits.

Lap 2

Alonso has a second lead over Vettel as Massa pits for an early tyre change. He will then get the opportunity to pump in some quick laps.

Liuzzi's race is over with broken right rear suspension. Not sure how that happened, the yellow flags are out but no sign of a safety car.

Heidfeld is in the pits for a new nose but the front left tyre would not come off.

Lap 3

Safety car is out due to Liuzzi's parked Force India on the exit of the turn 10 chicane.

Heidfeld is back in the pits so the damage to his car could be terminal.

Lap 4

Webber pits for new tyres, he is the only one of the front five but the pit lane is flooded with cars further down.

Webber has rejoined in 11th place. That could be a good decision if he doesn't get stuck behind a slower car on the restart.

Lap 5

Vettel is reminded of the 10 car length rule behind the safety car, after he was pulled up for dropping too far behind Webber in Hungary.

A replay of shows that Heidfeld went into the back of Liuzzi and broke the Force India's suspension, he then got a whack from behind from Sutil. Heidfeld is back out on track now and won't have to stop again, Liuzzi is out of the race.

Webber warned that he might get frustrated behind Glock but that the strategy could work out in the long run.

Lap 6

We are racing again and Alonso leads comfortably over the line.

Kobayashi and Schumacher nearly come together into the first corner as Webber gets past Glock.

Webber is weaving behind Kobayashi now but he is going to struggle to get past the Sauber.

Lap 7

Trulli has a right rear puncture and is heading back to the pits.

Webber gets past Kobayashi into turn five and the Sauber nearly found a way back past but the Red Bull held position. Great move and very important for the rest of the race.

Hulkenberg bundled his way past Petrov and pushed the Renault wide. It was very aggressive but he may well get away with it. However, it didn't help, as Sutil got past both of them.

Lap 8

Alonso is 1.3 seconds clear at the front, Webber is already 11.3 behind the Ferrari.

Hulkenberg reports that the hard tyre isn't working at the moment and that is very bad news for Webber as he is lapping a lot slower than the front runners.

Glock is 11th and is leading a train of cars including Sutil, Hulkenberg and Massa. Webber is now within 0.8 seconds of Schumacher but I suspect the Mercedes will put up a tougher fight than Kobayashi.

Lap 9

Alonso is 1.4 seconds up on Vettel now and they are lapping over a second faster than Webber at the moment.

Hamilton is 1.8 seconds off Vettel and 3.2 ahead of Button.

Lap 10

Alonso sets a very quick lap to move 1.8 seconds ahead of Vettel. The Ferrari looked very solid during long runs on Friday.

Vettel is told to look after his brakes.

Lap 11

Webber beats Schumacher into turn five, a good and crucial move. Schumacher made a mistake out of turn four and the meant Webber got a clean run up the inside.

Lap 12

Webber is now chasing down Barrichello and is already on the Williams' gearbox. Webber is still lapping two seconds faster than Alonso though, so he needs to climb up the order.

Lap 13

Another fastest lap from Alonso to increase the gap to 2.3 seconds. Hamilton is 3.0 seconds off the Red Bull.

Sutil is all over the back of Glock but cannot find a way past.

Webber is 20.8 seconds off Alonso. It takes about 23.5 seconds to make a clean pit stop here.

Lap 14

Alonso was 0.4 seconds faster than Vettel on that last lap.

The McLarens are about 0.8 seconds off Alonso.

Vettel reports that the car is good but says he is not pushing at the moment. Despite that he sets a new fastest lap. A bit of gamesmanship maybe?

Lap 15

Sutil is past Glock and Hulkenberg is now all over the back of him. The Virgin is ruining their races as they lap over two seconds off the pace.

Sutil beat Glock into turn seven with a clean move. Hulkenberg gets past in turn three and so does Massa.

Lap 16

Yellow flags are out in turns eight and nine but no obvious reason why.

Lap 17

Petrov and the two Toro Rossos also got past Glock so that train of cars has been freed up. Glock straddled the kerbs on the exit of turn three and lost traction.

Webber is currently lapping three seconds off Alonso and is 29.9 seconds off the leader. His race for victory is over without any more safety cars.

Lap 18

Vettel is 3.3 seconds off Alonso but matching and bettering some of his sector times.

Alonso is incredibly quick through sector two and Vettel just cannot match him there, even though he is faster through sector one.

Lap 19

Ferrari tells Alonso that there is no strategical risk with the safety car now and that he is comfortably the fastest car on the track.

Lap 20

The field is now quite neatly spread. Kobayashi is the only man on the move as he is 0.8 seconds behind Schumacher now.

Lap 21

Hamilton is now 11.1 seconds off Vettel so this is quickly turning into a two-car race. Hamilton, Button and Rosberg will now be keeping an eye on Webber and hoping they can stay ahead during the pit stops.

Lap 22

Webber is told that he is racing Hamilton for third place and tells him to boost the engine's fuel mix and pass Barrichello.

He has a look on the inside at turn seven but only to let the Williams driver know he is there.

Webber makes a mistake at turn 18 and very nearly goes in the barrier. He was behind Barrichello and just locked the rear tyres a tad too much on turn in.

Lap 23

Another fastest lap for Alonso but Vettel has kept the gap at 3.3 seconds.

Webber is currently 23 seconds ahead of Webber but needs a tiny bit more for a pit stop. He is told to find 0.3 to 0.5 seconds on the Red Bull.

Lap 24

But Hamilton is struggling to get the power down as his tyres degrade. Hamilton is still lapping about 0.3 seconds faster than Webber but the Red Bull is starting to improve after the initial graining phase on those tyres.

Lap 25

Webber sets a personal best on that lap, nearly two seconds faster than Hamilton. The McLaren driver must have made a mistake. It could be time to pit for McLaren.

Lap 26

Webber is now 21 seconds behind Hamilton and closing the gap. But he still has Barrichello in front.

Elsewhere, Kobayashi is closing on Schumacher but both will be overtaken in the pits by the cars that have stopped behind.

Lap 27

Vettel has the gap down to 2.6 seconds as Ferrari reveals that Alonso is pushing very hard.

Another yellow flag but no sign of an accident.

Lap 28

Webber is now closing on Barrichello again, maybe McLaren is hoping the Red Bull will lose enough time behind the Williams to allow Hamilton to pit and stay ahead.

But Hamilton is about 2.5 seconds per lap slower than Alonso at the moment.

Lap 29

Vettel gets the gap down to 1.8 seconds.

Hamilton pits... gets away cleanly and comes out on open race track but way behind Webber

Lap 30

Alonso and Vettel pit. Vettel nearly stalled but gets away behind Alonso. Button pits now as well but he will come out behind Hamilton most likely.

Lap 31

So the top five have pitted and Alonso leads Vettel. Webber is about 8 seconds up on Hamilton who is a long way ahead of Button.

A replay shows Kobayashi bullying his way past Schumacher and slams the Mercedes into the barrier.

Rosberg pits from the lead and rejoins behind Button.

Lap 32

Vettel is now pushing hard and coming up behind Alonso.

Safety car deployed after Kobayashi went into the wall at turn 18 and Senna followed him into the accident. Massa very nearly joined the accident but just managed to slip past.

Lap 33

Barrichello and Kubica pit, can they get out ahead of the safety car... yep, no problem and they come out in seventh and eighth, with the Renault leading the Williams.

So Alonso is now behind the safety car, with Vettel directly behind and Webber some 30 seconds down the road. Hamilton is behind Webber but on fresher tyres. He also reports that his drinks system has packed up.

Lap 34

Klien retires after his car stalled during a pit stop. I suspect it was a problem with the car and not the driver. It's been a good performance by Klien this weekend.

The race won't go the full distance and will be stopped after two hours. Webber is now behind the lead cars but has two Virgins in between him and Vettel.

McLaren tell Button and Hamilton to push Webber as he is on old tyres and might have brake problems.

Lap 35

So the safety car is still out on track, but will come in this lap. On the last restart Alonso got away easily in the lead. Can he do it again?

Lap 36

Alonso gets away in the lead but made a big mistake through the final corners.

Hamilton is all over the back of the Red Bull, gets past but is taken out by Webber as the pair come together. Hamilton is out of the race and his championship could well be over.

Webber got blocked by di Grassi and Hamilton took the initiative. Webber had the inside line and to be fair to him was never going to back out. It was a racing incident.

Lap 37

The stewards are investigating the incident but it was hardly Webber's fault, he was left with nowhere to go. Webber is told that his car is OK and to keep pushing.

Lap 38

Meanwhile, Schumacher and Heidfeld come together at turn seven and the Sauber is out of the race and the Mercedes will return to the pits for a new nose.

Lap 39

Alonso leads Vettel by two seconds and Webber is 5.4 seconds behind his Red Bull team-mate. Button is another 2.1 seconds back.

Lap 40

Alonso and Vettel are now trading fastest laps, Webber won't be bothering them as he is on older tyres.

The Schumacher/Heidfeld incident is under investigation alongside Webber/Hamilton. Both were very similar incidents but I would say the Schumacher one is more likely to be penalised, if either.

Lap 41

Vettel is now 1.4 seconds behind Alonso. Button is closing on Webber and the gap is 1.9 seconds.

Button is told that he is faster than Webber and that the Red Bull is on old tyres. McLaren are trying to get its man to put pressure on the championship leader.

Lap 42

Vettel sets a new fastest lap and is now just 1.1 seconds behind Alonso.

Lap 43

Alonso stabilises the gap on that last lap as Webber fights back against Button and increases the gap. Vettel asks his team to let him know if there is a problem with the brakes again.

Lap 44

Alonso sets his fastest lap of the race and pulls out another 0.6 seconds on Vettel.

Tom asks: "Why is Webber on a 2 stop strategy for tyres when all others seem to manage on 1 stop?"

Webber is on a one stop strategy but his tyres are more worn. He made the early stop in the hope of pumping in fast laps and getting ahead of the McLarens. It worked and he won't stop again.

Lap 45

Sutil is holding up a long train of cars that are fighting for the last few points on offer.

Ferrari has said that Alonso is on full revs in his car to make sure he stays ahead of Vettel.

Lap 46

Kubica is in the pits for another set of tyres. A very strange decision. Maybe a slow puncture....

Lap 47

If things stay as they are there will be 11 points between Webber and Alonso at the top of the standings.

The Webber/Hamilton incident has been assessed by the stewards and there will be no further action taken.

Right now, there is just 1.3 seconds separating Alonso and Vettel.

Lap 48

Vettel sets another fastest lap and is 1.2 seconds off Alonso.

Kubica came back out in 12th and is now attacking Buemi and Petrov to get back into the points.

Lap 49

Kubica is all over the back of Buemi now but the Toro Rosso is making itself very wide on this tight circuit.

Lap 50

Vettel sets a new fastest lap and has the gap down to 1.0 second.

Lap 51

The gap between Webber and Button is still 3.1 seconds, so it looks as though the Red Bull has the McLaren covered.

Kubica is still trying to make a move on Buemi but is struggling to find a way past.

Lap 52

No further action on the Heidfeld/Schumacher incident either.

Kubcia eventually makes his move on Buemi coming off the Esplanade bridge and into turn 14.

Glcok is out of the race after parking his Virgin in teh garage.

Lap 53

Kubica is now attacking Petrov as Button closes the gap to Webber to 1.9 seconds.

Kubica gets past Petrov coming off the Anderson Bridge, a good move and Kubica is now back into the points.

Lap 54

Kubica is now all over the back of Massa who is on a very old set of hard tyres. And Kubica gets past Massa into turn 14. Next up is Hulkenberg.

The gap at the front is still 1.0 second.

Lap 55

Button has the gap to Webber down to 1.8 seconds but that won't be enough if he is going to find a way past before the end of the race.

Kubica passes Hulkenberg with ease and has Sutil in his sights.

Lap 56

Kubica passes Sutil around the outside at turn seven. A brilliant and very brave move. We nearly had a repeat of Webber/Hamilton and Heidfeld/Schumacher.

Alonso is still keeping Vettel at bay but there are reports from the pits that the Red Bull might give it one last push in the final five laps.

Lap 57

Schumacher is fighting Kovalainen but the seven-time champion has to back off as Alonso and Vettel lap him.

The gap between Vettel and Alonso is very close now after they went past those backmarkers.

Lap 58

Four laps remaining now and Alonso has a 0.9 second lead over the Red Bull.

Webber is 25.7 seconds off Vettel and 1.6 seconds ahead of Button.

Lap 59

Alonso sets a new fastest lap of the race as Vettel is reminded to take it easy on corner entry to maximise the speed on the exit.

Another yellow flag, as Buemi went into the back of Kovalainen. Then the Lotus explodes in flames and is reluctant to stop.

Lap 60

Kovalainen acts as fire marshal and puts out the flames.

Lap 61

Thank you for joining us, make sure you keep checking the site this evening for all the reaction from teams and drivers.

Alonso wins by 0.2 seconds from Vettel. What a brilliant race win for Ferrari.

Webber stays ahead of Button to take third and limit the damage to his championship lead.

Rosberg takes a solid fifth position ahead of Barrichello in sixth.

Vettel is right on the back of Alonso on the start of the final lap. And they are coming up behind a lot of traffic.