17:00 Kubica is starting on hard tyres so will go long into the race and could get in the mix with some of the frontrunners after they have pitted.

All the drivers have got away cleanly, no drivers starting from the pit lane.

They're lining up on the grid again, the start is just moments away....

16:59 Tyre blankets are off and the drivers are ready to go.

16:58 The grid has been cleared of VIPs and hangers on. It's now just the drivers, the cars and the mechanics.

16:55 Remember that you can keep an eye on the live driver standings by clicking on the tab below. It will be updated with every change of position throughout the race and will let you know who is in the best position to be crowned world champion.

16:53 Martin Whitmarsh reveals that Hamilton has been coping with tonsillitis this weekend but says the adrenaline will get him through

16:51 Webber seems relaxed dispite the huge task ahead of him this weekend.

16:49 Christian Horner says: "It's just another race, I'm just delighted we've got the constructors' out the way... we've just got to for it."

16:48 Carol says: "Good luck to Mark Webber from all the F1 fans who are watching on ONE HD in Ballarat Australia...."

It makes you wonder why we can't have HD at every race? But that's anoither question for Bernie Ecclestone for another day.

16:47 The sky is beautifully clear by the way. No sign of a repeat of the rain we saw on Friday morning.

16:45 Alonso is surrounded by dignitaries, Kings and all sorts as he tries to make his final preparations for the race.

16:42 Vettel says: "Things are looking good and he is confident of a good start from pole"

But he will also have to keep an eye on his mirrors down the two back straights because Hamilton is quicker in that section of the lap.

16:40 James says: "Good morning from snow covered Minnesota. Good luck to all of the participants and may we have a fair and clean race at the top of the order."

16:38 Button has changed the brake discs on his car. He adds that there will be no games at McLaren to try and disrupt the title fight, they are simply going out there to win.

16:35 The cars are heading to a packed grid with the sun setting in the background. It's an incredible scene.

16:31 Welcome to Abu Dhabi for the final race of the season and 2010 title decider.

Lap 1

Clean getaway at the start and Button beats Alonso into turn one.

Schumacher spins and Liuzzi piles into him down at turn four. Safety car is out.

Schumacher appeared to come together with Rosberg and spun. Liuzzi then came through in a pack of cars and launched over the front of the Mercedes. Schumacher was lucky to get away unharmed.

Lap 2

Rosberg and Petrov pit from the top ten for hard tyres.

A replay shows that Schumacher lost it all on his own and Liuzzi had nowhere to go.

Lap 3

The cars start another lap behind the safety car.

Hamilton got close to Vettel in the first corner on the first lap but couldn't find a way past.

Meanwhile, cement dust is being put on the circuit to soak up the fluids from Schumacher's mangled car.

Lap 4

Hamilton reports that his front brakes don't feel great. The drivers need to put a lot of heat into those tyres and brakes to make sure they are up to temperature for the restart.

Liuzzi and Schumacher are smiling as they return to the pits. No hard feelings between those two.

Lap 5

Further down the grid, Kobayashi and Sutiil both made good starts. Sutil is on hard tyres, as is Kubica in tenth. They will go long in the race before pitting in the hope of leapfrogging Kobayashi.

Safety car in this lap.

Lap 6

Vettel bolts early and Hamilton is a long way off the back of him. He actually backed him up before hand and the two came close to a collision. A bit naughty by Vettel.

Kubica passes Sutil into ninth. It's as they were at the front.

Lap 7

Vettel leads Hamilton by 1.2 seocnds, Button is 1.9 off Hamilton. Alonso has just 0.6 seconds on Webber. Massa is close to Webber and Ferrari would like to see him have a go.

Kobayashi tried a move on Barrichello but it didn't pay off.

Lap 8

Vettel increases his lead to 1.5 seconds, it looks like Hamilton can't live with him today.

Webber drops to 0.9 seconds off Alonso. The problem is that he doesn't have the straight-line speed to make a move on the Ferrari at the moment.

Lap 9

Vettel is setting new fastest laps with each attempt. Webber touches the barrier on the exit of turn 19 and a spark flies from the rear tyre. He is now one second behind Alonso.

Rosberg passes Hulkenberg for 13th having made a pit stop.

Vettel is 2.1 seconds up on Hamilton.

Lap 10

Hamilton matches Vettel on that last lap to stabilise the gap at 2.0 seconds. Webber is 0.9 per lap slower than Vettel at the front and has dropped to 1.4 seconds off Alonso. Massa is just 0.7 off the Red Bull.

Lap 11

Hamilton is now closing on Vettel at the front through the middle sector.

Webber says he is losing the rear tyres and Vettel may well be struggling with the same.

Webber pits from fifth for hard tyres. It's a clean stop but he comes out behind Alguersuari in 16th.

Lap 12

Vettel is only 1.1 clear of Hamilton at the front now. Disaster for Webber as he has come out behind Petrov and Rosberg, who has already pitted.

Hamilton is now 0.9 seconds off Vettel and closing.

Lap 13

Webber is now attacking Alguersuari, he should get past easily with his F-duct advantage over the Toro Rosso.

Ferrari are ready in the pits and Massa comes in. A response to Webber, possibly to hold him up on track. But Massa comes out behind Webber and will have to pas him.

Lap 14

Webber overtakes Alguersuari after a bit of wheel-to-wheel racing. The Toro Rosso let him through in the end though.

Lap 15

Hamilton now just 1.0 second off Vettel but is struggling in the dirty air. His tyres may be going off too.

Ferrari are ready in the pits for Alonso. And the Spaniard gets close to the wall in turn 19.

Lap 16

Clean stop for Alonso and he comes out ahead of Webber, but behind Petrov and Rosberg who pitted under the safety car.

Alguersuari is now holding up Massa.

Lap 17

Hamilton has dropped to 1.5 seconds off Vettel, they have yet to pit at the front.

Webber is now one second off Alonso back in 13th.

Alguersuari is told to look after his tyres and keep Massa behind.

Lap 18

The track is coming to Vettel and Hamilton at the front and that is helping them look after their tyres.

Lap 19

For Alonso the problem is now Petrov and Rosberg, who have pitted, and could finish ahead of the Ferrari, dropping him out of the top four and handing the championship to Vettel if he wins.

Barrichello pits from fifth. He rejoins in 16th.

Vettel now has the gap on Hamilton up to 2.1 seconds.

Lap 20

Alonso has now caught Petrov, it is crucial for him that he passes the Renault.

Hamilton now 2.1 off Vettel. If those to pit now they should come out Sitil and Bumei in sixth and seventh.

Lap 21

Alonso doesn't look quick enough on the straights to pass Petrov. That Renault has a very efficient F-duct. Webber is now closing on Alonso as well.

Lap 22

So Ferrari will be hoping that Petrov makes one of his rookie errors. The other issue for Alonso is that this will be killing his tyres through the twisty bits and won't be doing his engine any good either.

Lap 23

So Vettel is sitting very pretty at the front, 1.8 up on Hamilton and increasing the gap over Rosberg who he need to make sure he come out in front of when he pits.

Lap 24

Hamilton pits.

Alonso nearly loses his front wing trying to pass Petrov and runs across the run-off area.

Vettel needs to pit this lap to cover Hamilton off.

Hamilton has come out behind Kubica, so he is clear of Rosberg.

Lap 25

Clean stop for Vettel, can he come out in front of Hamilton ... He does, and he comes out ahead of Kobayashi and Kubica. He is now in a brilliant position to take the championship.

Kubica passes Kobayashi around the outside. Hamilton is now on the back of Kobayashi and is perplexed at how Vettel came out ahead.

Lap 26

Button sets a new fastest lap in the lead of the race. He is currently 16.5 seconds up on Vettel, if he can build a gap of 23 seconds he could get himself up in front of Hamilton and maybe even Vettel.

Lap 27

Hamilton passes Kobayashi for fourth and now needs to attack Kubica to get on the back of Vettel.

Lap 28

Vettel sets a new fastest lap and that means Button will now look to pit because he won't increase his lead. He may come out in front of Hamilton if the second McLaren gets stuck behind Kubica.

Alonso is still stuck behind Petrov.

Hamilton is all over the back of Kubica.

Lap 29

Trulli has a broken front wing back in 18th, he'll have to pit.

Hamilton has another look at Kubica but can't find a way past.

Alonso runs wide coming through turn one but Webber isn't close enough to make a move on the Ferrari.

Lap 30

Button has now dropped out of contention for second once he pits.

Hamilton is still being held up by Kubica, who still needs to pit. The Renault has good traction and reasonable straight-line speed.

Lap 31

Hamilton attempts a pass into the hairpin at the start of the lap but has to back down. However, he has now lost his chance to pass him on the following straight. It's looking a tad desperate for Hamilton, he is not happy.

Lap 32

Hamilton says he will have to pit again because of a worn front left. That could change things massively. His team tell him they can't pit unless they have to.

Button is still on his first set of tyres. Hamilton has been locking up behind Kubica and that is costing him his tyres and possibly his race if he has to pit again.

Lap 33

Buttonis 10.9 up on Vettel. He's 19.2 up on Hamilton and is looking to pit and come out ahead of his team-mate and the Renault of Kubica.

Lap 34

Kobayashi pits for new tyres from fifth and comes out back in 16th and out of the running.

Alonso is closing on Petrov again but still can't find a way past.

Lap 35

Vettel sets another fastest lap and is now set for victory as long as nothing goes wrong. Hamilton runs wide in sector three, is that front-left flat spot causing him problems?

Lap 36

Alonso is 0.4 seconds off Petrov across the line, it looks like he is lining up for a pass.

Lap 37

Button is 7.6 seconds up on Vettel and is now losing time to Kubica and Hamilton, surely he has to cut his losses and pit.

Hamilton is 0.6 seconds behind Kubica but isn't looking as racey with that flat spot.

Lap 38

Vettel sets another fastest lap and is now 6.6 seconds off Button.

Kubica still needs to pit and could well come out ahead of Alonso at this rate, giving the Ferrari driver another car to pass in order to secure that magic fourth place.

Lap 39

McLaren are preparing for Button to pit. He'll come out behind Kubica and Hamilton.

Vettel resumes the lead.

Lap 40

Button rejoins several seconds behind Hamilton. Now we are just waiting for Kubica to pit. Sutil also has to pit and will drop from fifth.

Lap 41

Red Bull is saying that everything is fine on Vettel's car.

Kubica should now rejoin ahead of Petrov and Alonso, putting Alonso down in a net seventh place after pit stops.

Lap 42

Vettel says he has a problem with the radio so asks that all instructions are displayed on the pit board.

Lap 43

Button sets a fastest lap and is now 2.9 seconds off the Kubica/Hamilton battle.

Vettel is 12.7 seconds clear at the front and looking comfortable.

Lap 44

Alonso is still pushing hard and is still 0.4 seconds off the back of Petrov, but he now needs to push even harder, he has no other choice.

Lap 45

Hamilton clips a bollard in his pursuit of Kubica. 0.7 seconds is the gap but we must be getting close to the Renault's pit stop window.

Lap 46

Of course, Kubica is trying to build a 22 or 23 second lead over Rosberg. he is currently about 18 seconds ahead.

Glock is out of the race with an engine failure.

Lap 47

Kubica pits and should come out just ahead of the Petrov/Alonso battle. He does it with ease and is now on soft tyres so will now have eyes on attacking Rosberg for fourth. He did run wide on the exit of the pits and could be investigated by the stewards.

Lap 48

Hamilton is the fastest man on the track now, but Vettel has a 11.4 second lead at the front.

Lap 49

Vettel is now responding with a new personal best as his lead comes down to 10.7 seconds. The win should be his though and he has been managing that car for some time at the front.

Lap 50

Hamilton is still taking chunks of time out of Vettel, so that flatspotted front-left tyre clear isn't holding him back.

Alonso is ragged and running wide in several corners. It isn't working for him and he is dropping back into the clutches of Webber.

Lap 51

Vettel responds to Hamilton's charge and holds the gap at 10.3 seconds.

Lap 52

Hamilton has now backed off again and McLaren look set to second in the constructors' championship.

Lap 53

Vettel holds the gap at 10.2 seconds over Hamilton. Button is 2.2 off his McLaren team-mate but won't try a move. Rosberg is holding onto fourth by 2.5 seconds on Kubica.

Lap 54

Trulli loses his rear wing on the back straight. He did amazingly well to hold onto the car but his race is over. The debris is off the racing line and shouldn't cause a problem.

Lap 55

Vettel is crying in the cockpit of the Red Bull as he realsies that he is the new world champion.

Alonso comes alongside Petrov waving his fist in anger, but Ferrari only have themselves to blame. It was strategy that lost him the race.

Vettel starts his final lap. He looks on course for the win in the final corners... and he is the new world champion. Brilliant race.

Kubica and Petrov finish ahead of Alonso and Webber to make sure of the title for Vettel.

Hamilton and Button cross the line in second and third.

Thank you for joining us. Make sure you keep checking the site for all the reaction from the teams and drivers.