Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Melbourne March 23-25, 2018

Total laps 58
Lap distance 5.303 km
Track Conditions Dry

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Mostly cloudy

Free practice 1  March 23 - 12:00 local | 01:00 GMT
Free practice 2  March 23 - 16:00 local | 05:00 GMT
Free practice 3  March 24 - 14:00 local | 03:00 GMT

Qualifying  March 24 - 17:00 local | 06:00 GMT
Race  March 25 - 16:10 local | 05:10 GMT | 06:10 BST

  Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Vettel GER Ferrari 58 1
2 Hamilton GBR Mercedes 58 1
3 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 58 1
4 Ricciardo FL AUS Red Bull 58 1
5 Alonso ESP McLaren 58 1
6 Verstappen NED Red Bull 58 1
7 Hülkenberg GER Renault 58 1
8 Bottas FIN Mercedes 58 1
9 Vandoorne BEL McLaren 58 1
10 Sainz ESP Renault 58 1
11 Perez MEX Force India 58 1
12 Ocon FRA Force India 58 1
13 Leclerc MON Sauber 58 2
14 Stroll CAN Williams 58 2
15 Hartley NZL Toro Rosso 57 2
Grosjean FRA Haas 24 1
Magnussen DEN Haas 22 1
Gasly FRA Toro Rosso 13 1
Ericsson SWE Sauber 5 1
Sirotkin RUS Williams 4 0

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Vettel race radio: "Nice job Seb, P1. Well managed, well managed."

He adds: "Still some homework to do, but we're getting there."

McLaren congratulates Alonso for P5. He replies: "Very good job guys, very proud of you. Some long seasons in the past but now we can fight."

Hamilton's reaction to this is going to be interesting.

On pure pace, it seems Mercedes still has an edge, but this season needed the winner of the first race to be someone other than Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. It sets up the next few races nicely.

Lap 58

Final lap. Ricciardo is going to need to do something pretty special to pass.

Looks like Hamilton's car is fine, he's just backing off after using a lot of engine in that earlier charge.

Ricciardo told to use everything he can to pass. He's inching closer and closer but he's running out of passing opportunities.

Vettel rounds the final corner and takes the chequered flag to win the Australian Grand Prix!

Hamilton crosses second. Raikkonen holds on for third ahead of Ricciardo.

Lap 57

Ricciardo can't seem to get close enough to Raikkonen to try one of his textbook lunges.

The Australian is clearly pushing hard, using all of the kerbs through the middle sector as he tries to inch as close to the Ferrari as he can but Raikkonen appears to have it in hand.

Raikkonen is now 1.7s behind Hamilton, who is either cooling it off or has some trouble!

Lap 56

Hamilton has officially cooled the charge, he's dropped to 4.6s.

Ricciardo dips into DRS range of Raikkonen.

McLaren to Alonso: "Verstappen will try to close up. We know you have it under control."

Lap 55

Ricciardo sets a fastest lap, he's now 1.2s behind Raikkonen.

"Mate that is blistering pace," he is told. The crowd noise is going to start getting a bit louder...

Lap 54

Riding on board with Hamilton, he's busy on the steering wheel switches. He's lost a load of time to Vettel - has he just turned his engine down?

Red Bull tells Verstappen it can give him an engine boost for the final two laps. He could probably sketch that McLaren gearbox in quite a lot of detail.

Fastest first sector from Ricciardo, but he's got 1.6s to overhaul if he wants a visit to the podium.

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