• First Barcelona Test, Day Four

Red Bull must maintain momentum - Webber

ESPN Staff
February 22, 2013 « Williams eyeing immediate challenge - Bottas | Final test 'really important' for Ferrari - Massa »
Mark Webber: "We know that if we keep this car for three months we are going to get are arse kicked" © Sutton Images
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Mark Webber says Red Bull must maintain its prolific development rate if it is going to remain at the sharp end of the grid this year.

Red Bull has won the last three championships over the last three years and during that time it has pioneered a number of innovative solutions on its cars. After two weeks of testing the new RB9 Webber said it was crucial his team continued its quick turnaround of new parts this season.

"We know that if we keep this car for three months we are going to get our arse kicked; we need to keep developing the car," he said. "Thankfully a lot of other teams talk about that but we like to do it on the track. We will try and do the same again this year and we have a target on our back. We enjoy our racing, we like the success and we'll try to keep it up."

Webber said the other focus point for Red Bull at the final test would be getting a better understanding of the tyres. He is hoping for sunny weather next week in order to test the tyres at temperatures closer to the ones the teams will experience during the season.

"Next week we will continue our ongoing investigation into the tyres, learning more about those," he said. "We also will be checking how they are going in different temperatures, day two was probably the best in terms of temperatures when the sun was out. That will be right on the top of our list and some more performance stuff that you have to keep putting on the car to stay towards the front."

Despite rain on Friday, Webber was upbeat about his 64 laps in the car.

"It was unusual conditions in terms of temperature but I was so happy with all that we've done today," he said. "The mechanics are incredible and there was just lots of good stuff, the team's on fire. The boys did a very good job and it was the best I've seen them work for a long time so it was a very good day for us."