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Vettel pays no attention to previous success

ESPN Staff
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Sebastian Vettel currently sits seventh in the list of grand prix winners © Sutton Images
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Sebastian Vettel says the basis of his motivation after three consecutive world championships is not to think about his previous successes.

Red Bull's recent dominance has seen Vettel take the last three titles; a feat only matched by Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio. Asked if his motivation was any different going in to 2013 than it was for any of his previous titles Vettel said the main way he motivates himself is by not thinking about what he has already achieved.

"I think the secret is not to think about what happened in the last three years," Vettel said. "The first title was very, very special. After that you don't have that pressure any more, you've proved to yourself more than anyone else that you can do so. After that obviously we had two fantastic years again - very different to each other - but as I said we don't really think about what happened last year or the last three years.

"We are here; we have zero points on our side at the moment, same as everyone else so everyone has the same opportunities. The cars didn't really change, last year we saw it was really close so I don't really expect it to be any different to last year, if anything even a little bit tighter so it will be crucial to make the most out of every single race."

Vettel added that winning a fourth title in a row would be no more difficult than any of his previous victories, but warned observers not to get too carried away with the significance of the opening race of the season.

"I don't think it makes a difference, every year we start from zero, everyone has the same chances. Testing obviously this year was probably not as conclusive as previous years so we arrive here not knowing what is going to happen but I think it's very exciting, so as every year I'm excited to start.

"I think it's going to be a long year, obviously we're looking forward to this weekend - this is the first of many - but I think we've seen the last couple of years, last year in particular, that it's a long season and every race is very important. This is the place we start but then there is many other places coming."