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Lowe role still undefined - Brawn

ESPN Staff
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Ross Brawn and Toto Wolff will welcome Paddy Lowe to Mercedes on June 3 © Sutton Images
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Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn says Paddy Lowe's role within the team has yet to be defined ahead of him joining the team next week.

Lowe was released from McLaren early, allowing him to start work at Mercedes on June 3. With Mercedes acquiring a depth of technical expertise - Lowe joins Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis at the team - Brawn was asked whether Lowe would be having an impact on the current car or the 2014 chassis, and Brawn admitted the team needed to discuss how he will slot in to the current programme.

"Obviously Paddy joining early is a bonus, so I wouldn't say we've fine-tuned his insertion in to the group yet," Brawn said. "Once he's joined that will be a discussion between myself and Bob [Bell] and Paddy to find the best way of using Paddy immediately and the best way to use him in the long term. So I think there's still quite a lot of discussion that we need to have."

Brawn also said Lowe's impact could be spread across any one of three cars the team will be working on over the next few months.

"As I say, it is a bonus because this is a particularly challenging time with the 2014 car we want to get started - believe it or not - on the 2015 car and it is a period when all of our resources are being used and stretched to the limit. So Paddy coming along is a bonus and Paddy will do what we feel is the best role he can and play the best role he can within the team, but I don't honestly know at the moment quite how we'll split it; maybe a mixture."