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Vettel deserves to rank among greats - Raikkonen

ESPN Staff
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Kimi Raikkonen: "[Sebastian Vettel] doesn't need to win any more races or championships" © Getty Images

Kimi Raikkonen says Sebastian Vettel should be ranked as one of the Formula One greats regardless of what he achieves from now on in his career.

Vettel's recent dominance of the sport led Lewis Hamilton to claim fans are getting bored of one car and driver winning all the time, although he later clarified his comments to call Vettel "a great champion".

Asked if he thinks Vettel ranks with Michael Schumacher and other great drivers, Raikkonen replied: "For sure he is.

"He doesn't need to win any more races or championships and he's achieved a hell of a lot in his career already. For sure he's achieved a lot and he's a very good guy and a good driver as well."

With team-mate Romain Grosjean having been more competitive than Raikkonen in both Singapore and Korea, Raikkonen was asked for his views on his team-mate being good enough to lead Lotus in the future.

"Time will tell. I have no interest to start guessing what will happen to any of us in the future. We will see at some point, but for sure he is a fast driver and he's doing better than he has done before.

"Yes [he's a challenger]; he's been fast but they all are in Formula One."