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Rosberg happy to share data after Hamilton issue

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Nico Rosberg says he will not hold back on the data he gives Mercedes after an engine issue prevented Lewis Hamilton completing his crucial long run in FP2 at Silverstone.

Rosberg is locked in a title fight with Hamilton this season and plenty has been made of whether the pair will continue to share data with so little to choose between them. After completing his own long run, which is crucial in determining set-up for the race, Rosberg says he will leave nothing up his sleeve as he wants Mercedes to retain its dominant position out in front.

"Nothing's different, it's always the same," Rosberg said. "What we have to do is think about the team in the first instance and everything is open and we share everything - that's why we are where we are. The team is dominating the sport because we've managed to really work together well. As a bunch of individuals there is no way you can have success in the sport, you only succeed if you work well together and I that shows with where we are now.

"It's not that I have to share, I want to share. One of the most important things is that we are the fastest team, because if we are not the fastest team we are not going to be able to win. It's important to me to help the team and I can only help the team if I share with Lewis and build one opinion and give that to the team. The main problem we have is understeer in high speed and we will discuss that with Lewis to make sure we are all on the same page and then we will put it to the team. There is a lot of working together, always."

But Rosberg admits both Mercedes drivers have their own ways of retaining the edge over the other.

"Lewis and I push the team in the same direction, we give information and stuff like that, but of course there becomes a point when I'm fighting him. At that point I always try to keep certain advantages, as will he. When we are fighting each other you will always try to keep some advantage over the other, but of course never compromising the team as a whole. It's a fine line, which means we have to find where the line is for each of us."

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